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Make a Wish

Welcome to 200 Saturdays until Paris!

I am making my wish and believing it will come true!  200 Saturdays until Paris.  The countdown has begun – starting with this blog.  I hope to make a lifelong dream into a reality.  I am now gathering, researching and finding ways to maximize our Paris dream vacation.  Any tips on where to stay, eat or things to do – will be welcomed with open arms!

Merci Beaucoup!!

What is your DREAM vacation?  Has your dream come true? 


11 thoughts on “Make a Wish

  1. Oh my gosh – I lived there for a year and it’s my favourite place in the world. Let me know what kind of things you like to do/see/eat and I’ll suggest some ideas!!!!

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    1. Awesome! It won’t be going for awhile – but that is why I started this blog. To connect with people for suggestions. I haven’t even been there yet and I know it is going to be my favorite place in the world! Any suggestions are welcomed!!
      Thanks so much!

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