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Birthday Celebration

To kick off the birth of this blog – 200 Saturdays until Paris  and the birth of moi, a celebration brunch seemed to be in order!  Our lovely brunch was at my favorite restaurant, of course  – Restaurant Orsay.

OOH La La!

Happy birthday to me! 

My husband, along with a couple of great friends treated me to a day of laughs and great conversation.  After several refreshing blood orange martinis and Orsay’s version of a Croque Madame – the dessert tower glided to our table. Macaroons, petite fours, crème brulée and mini-éclairs, all made in-house by their Pastry Chef.  I can honestly say they did NOT disappoint.  I am one lucky woman!

I have come across lists of the best restaurants to eat in Paris.  What is your favorite  French restaurant?  Or restaurant in Paris, that may not have made it to ‘The List’?  Favorite food?

   199 Saturdays until Paris!!


9 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration

  1. hahaha! christine you look like you’re up to mischief i love it!
    Happy Happy belated Name Day wooohooo
    hope your day was filled with lotza love and presents, especially from your admirers…lololol :-p

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