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How to Earn ibotta Rebates


Some of you out there have asked the question, “Why 200 Saturdays until Paris?”  There are several answers to that question,  $$$$ being one of them.  I have started looking into different ways to make and save money to help with that situation.  One that I just started is downloading the app ibotta, to my phone.
Basically, you shop and earn rebates or cash back by scanning your receipt to your phone.
Here’s how it works:
Download the free app.
Set up an account.
Browse through the offers for your area.
Unlock the rebates/cash back.
Scan your receipt – and product barcode -if needed.
Wait for it to be verified.
I tried it yesterday, after my husband picked up a few things at Publix.  (Isn’t he so sweet??? Swoon!)
I searched for products on the ibotta app that he just purchased.  Voilà!  Bananas had a .25 cash back,  I know that doesn’t sound like much, but I wanted to test this app out.  I followed the directions –  as provided above.  The app walks you through everything – as you are doing it.  It said the .25 was pending.  With in an hour the .25 cash back was in my ibotta account.  It worked!!  Here is the best part, if you have a verifiable rebate within a week of downloading the app, there is a $10.00 bonus.  I’ll take it!!! There are other ways to get bonuses too!
There is also shopping list.  You can add items to the list and the app will find the rebates  for you.
Then, once you have $20.00 in your account, you can request payment to your pay pal account or for gift cards.  I saw a few gift cards that would work for me, but I will probably just get the cold hard cash!
Has anyone out there tried this app yet? 
What are your thoughts about it?
I would love to hear your feedback on your experience with ibotta!

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