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When Someone Needs Encouragment

Life has its way of making us detour from the course of travel, we all imagined it would be for us.  My dear friend, of over 17 years, is a phenomenal  writer and illustrator.  NO JOKE!  She actually has a plethora of her incredible works, hanging out with some dust bunny companions – in a dark box lonely.

My intention with 200 Saturdays until Paris, is my journey of researching Paris, for my dream vacation.  To look for places to stay, things to do and ways to save money for that to happen. I have already met, in such a short time, some incredible people who have given me so much direction and support. 

My friend IS part of my journey.  She IS the light of my Saturdays. She has given me so much love and support over the years.    Recently, she lost her sister – her best friend.  Her sister was so young – passing just before her 50th birthday.  My friend has handled it better than I ever could, but her spirit is understandable broken.  My hope, is for her to have a vessel to share her passion for writing.  She hasn’t been writing – as she once did.  She isn’t excited to try to publish – as she once was.  If you met my bubbly, sweet and caring friend, you wouldn’t know the pain she feels, but I know the bond these 2 sister’s shared.

So along with my journey to Paris, I hope to share some of her works here.  Share some of her crafts, artwork, writings and have her guest post.  If I have to take a bottle of wine to her house, while she is crafting and take pictures – no problem.  If I have to sit on her porch and go through her works – while munching on some incredible appetizer she threw together in just minutes, (of course she is a marvelous cook too) then, that’s what I will have to do!!  I know she will be more than happy to guest post in her own time, but everyone needs encouragement.

We are all in this thing called life, TOGETHER, however long or short the time may be, we should support each other. There are so many terrible and sad things going on in the world. 

Who doesn’t need a little encouragement from time to time? 

Who doesn’t need to be picked back up and told YOU GOT THIS??

Would you be so kind and share some encouraging words for Audrey?

 And for us all?? 

Say a few kind and encouraging words to someone today! 


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