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Kicking Fear in the Butt



An outline for my children’s book, which has been swirling around in my head, has finally made onto paper.  Countless edits will transpire over the coming months.  Umpteen crumpled pieces of paper, will find their way into the recycle bin.  Various scribbled thoughts will be shredded – as if they hadn’t once existed.

**** NOTE TO SELF ****

The piles of shredded paper will come in handy, to be used as packing material for shipping birthday and Christmas gifts.

good idea

I am no Erin Brockovich, however – I try to do my small part for the environment.

The honest reason this book has taken so many years – is fearFear had created a concrete wall, which was blocking the production of it ever happening.  Fear of what?

Fear of failure?

Fear of rejection?

How could one be so terrified of failure – before starting?

How could one feel so rejected – prior to writing?

wake up

The failure and rejection didn’t need to be in my thoughts.  Who invited their friends’ – anxiety and self-sabotage?  These 4 paralyzing afflictions, roll in and out like seasons – each finding their own time to move in, set up, and get comfy.

Acknowledge them.   “Hello, little darlings.”  “Nice of you to stop in and visit.”  “I subconsciously invited you, but you are no longer welcome.”


change fear


I packed up the four unwelcome boarders, along with their two young children – procrastination and worry.  I carefully wrapped up each of them, included a pretty little bow, and sent them all on their way.

After doing this, I thought it would only be appropriate to channel my inner child.  Go-cart track – here we come!  Upon arrival, there it was – staring me right in the face.  The type of ride I always avoid.  I tried not to look at it.  I could feel it taunting me.  Apparently, the box of irksome cargo had joined us on our two-hour road trip.  I considered walking past the ride.  NOPE, not today!

 Today, I will be FEARLESS!!




As you can see (and hear) from the above video snippet, any part of fear that was still with me – should now be floating out into the universe.  Thankfully, my lunch managed to stay with me.  If fear approaches you, do not befriend it.  Acknowledge it and send it on its way.



194 Saturdays until Paris!

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Self-Care is Not Selfish

We instantly dash to a friend in need of our help.  We quickly scramble, if a family member needs our assistance.  Our children and our pets – ALWAYS come before our own needs.  Feelings of guilt can set in IF or when we put ourselves first.  Self-care is necessary – not a luxury.  We can and will run out of steam.

bad sign

Before the heat of the day was upon us, and the heat index made it less than enjoyable to be outside – I chose to have ME time!


I headed to my favorite yoga studio – Bliss Yoga and Wellness – in Orange Park, FL.

My usual routine goes something like this –

  1. Leave the house late.
  2. Get frustrated in traffic.
  3. Rush into yoga class.
  4. Spend entire length of class trying to calm my mind.

I tried a new approach for a simple morning.   I left the house early and detoured a few blocks from the studio, along the St. Johns River.  Ahhh.  A picturesque walk.  I can feel the stress melting away.  Maybe that isn’t the stress melting, maybe it is getting hot outside – with a quickness.  Time to head over to the studio.

river road

The studio is set back from the street, just past this enchanting wooded habitat.  Instead of racing into class,  I mindfully walked this peaceful pathway – watching the squirrels play in their stomping grounds, taking it all in with purposeful breathing.

walk way

This, sublime atmosphere, is a place to let go of worries and to-do lists and JUST BE!  You can observe for yourself.  It is effortless to see that Bliss Yoga and Wellness can become your hOMe – away from hOMe.


Honor yourself.  If you are in the area of  Bliss Yoga and Wellness – do yourself a favor and partake in a class in this tree house for all ages.  Find your ‘bliss‘!  I know this day will now be accompanied with a whole new perspective.



Did you take time for yourself today?   What will you do – FOR YOU?

  Self-care is NOT selfish.  It is necessary.  We all need time for ourselves.

badass yoga

195 Saturdays until Paris

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What Will You Choose?

200 Saturdays until Paris  began – one month ago.  I have spent countless hours researching different blogs, writing posts and working on social media.  The amount of support I have received from family and friends has been so heart-warming.  A giant THANK YOU to everyone who takes the time to read my posts.  Your support and comments are truly appreciated.  I am humbled by your choice to take this journey with me.

The kindness of so many people was unimaginable.  My life has been touched in a way – I never expected.  Allow me to introduce you to a few fun findings.

Paris Adèle

The first blog I discovered during my research was Paris Adèle.  She will take you on adventures – exploring the City of Light.  She is my hero!  I may have convinced my new hero to take us on a private tour when we are in Paris – superhero cape included!!  Ce serait incroyable !

Full Fat Diet

Another wonderful find –  an exceptional food blog –  Full Fat Diet .  Julie is my food soul-mate.  She has incredible recipes – you are sure to find something for any occasion.  Julie, save us a seat at the dinner table.  S’il vous plaît et Merci ! 

Earth and Moon Design

Roslyn from Earth and Moon Design – is a sweet soul – who creates amazing custom jewelry.  I spy, with my little eye, some pieces perfect for Paris.  Magnifique bijoux!

A Cajun in Cali

Carlie from A Cajun in Cali, reached out to share a must read Paris prep book. You will be delighted to step into her world for some amazing photography . California here I come!   J’ai apprécié la livre recomentdation!

Alfonzo Words

A MASSIVE shout out to Enricoh from Alfonzo Words.  The guidance I received from Enricoh has been astonishing. The social media guru has such phenomenal work ethics and is talented on so many levels.  I am inspired by his determination.  Je serai toujours reconnaissant!

Find a few moments and visit these blogs and show your support.  I want to focus on the good in the world.  What I have been gifted during my research is kindness and generosity  – from all over the world.

We need to unite and choose peace.

I choose gratitude.  I choose kindness.   I choose peace.

What will you choose?

196 Saturdays until Paris

peace and love

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What is Your Favorite Novel?

The countdown to the City of Light continues – What to do?  What to do?

On a balmy Saturday afternoon, with the temperature soaring near 100 degrees – our air conditioner stopped working for us. Hooray!  I don’t even want to think about the heat index.  Maybe, we should be saving up for a swimming pool  – instead of a vacation??  This tortuous lockdown, as I wait for the repair company, seems like a perfect time to decide on which Netflix show to watch.  There were so many great suggestions in response to my last post.  Thank you for all of your participation!  Go Team!!  The landslide winner of my next binge is – *cue drum roll* – Orange Is the New Black.

Season 4 has started??  I am definitely late to this cell block party.  I am happy to announce episode 1 has a hold on me.  It is thrilling that OITNB has reportedly been renewed through season 7. This news, comes without a list of grievances, from its newest binger.  Netflix certainly has become an active participant in my countdown.  I can not sit around and watch Netflix every spare minute.  Or can I????? Hmmmmmmm.

Non, je ne permettrai pas que.

 If I set a goal –  to read one novel each week –  this method could help to free my mind of its impatience.  An insightful discovery has been made!

I know –  I hear what you are thinking!  We just recently met, and I am about to ask for your help – AGAIN!?!?  When did I become so needy?  Your responses were so neighborly in my Netflix quest – I am eager to learn your favorite novel.  In conclusion, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I do not have enough book recommendations for this theory.  Please advise!

What is your favorite novel?

197 Saturdays until Paris

happy book

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What Show is Your Netflix Binge?

198 Saturdays until Paris. 

That long?  Sheesh!

I thought this countdown would be such a clever way to kid myself into thinking this trip is just around the corner.  Maybe not!  Perhaps, I should do this countdown in days?

1,386 days until Paris.

Thirteen hundred AND eighty-six days.

Nope, that certainly doesn’t make me feel any better.  What if I calculate in hours?

33,264 hours until Paris.

Analyzing the number further, MIGHT be more comforting to me.

I can deduct 8 hours of sleep – on a good night! It is not a good sign that it is 3 o’clock in the morning and I am up writing this tomfoolery.  Luckily, I know how to rectify the situation – a nap!!  Subtract 11,088 hours – poof – gone – see ya!

Here is a deduction worthy of mentioning.  I average 15 hours per week at work.  Oh shoot! Scratch that!  I had the brilliant idea of quitting my job last week, to start this blog, and work on writing a children’s book.  What the heck was I thinking?  Didn’t I say I needed to save money to take this vacation?  No deduction.  Drats!

I spend 4 or 5 days a week in a yoga class.  That my friends, would slash 1,500 hours from my anticipation!  Clearly, I need to live in the present moment.  I guess I need to get my Om on!  Hang on a minute.  How often do I practice yoga?  Why are my favorite jeans getting too tight?

20,676 hours until Paris.  

I can easily skim 9,000 hours off of that number. Errands, appointments, home repairs and maintenance that were once a bother, are helpful chores subtracting time until I am in the City of Light. Now that is what I call progress!

11,676 hours until Paris.

Now,  I am getting somewhere!!  Nurse Jackie on Netflix, is my  – must see – please don’t mess up now  Wi-Fi – newest binge watch show.   Each episode is approximately 28 minutes in length, with  80 episodes. Thank you Jackie, Zoey, Coop and Eleanor.  Your antics will take care of 2,240 minutes.  

11,638 hours until Paris. 

This almost seems like a workable number.   As much as I love Nurse Jackie, and probably could watch all 7 seasons over and over, until my dream comes true –

          I NEED YOUR HELP!

 What show do you like to binge watch on Netflix?

It is completely possible, that I am so tired and I may have used the ‘new’ math for all of my calculations.

Darn!  Eh bien…

198 Saturdays until Paris.