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Self-Care is Not Selfish

We instantly dash to a friend in need of our help.  We quickly scramble, if a family member needs our assistance.  Our children and our pets – ALWAYS come before our own needs.  Feelings of guilt can set in IF or when we put ourselves first.  Self-care is necessary – not a luxury.  We can and will run out of steam.

bad sign

Before the heat of the day was upon us, and the heat index made it less than enjoyable to be outside – I chose to have ME time!


I headed to my favorite yoga studio – Bliss Yoga and Wellness – in Orange Park, FL.

My usual routine goes something like this –

  1. Leave the house late.
  2. Get frustrated in traffic.
  3. Rush into yoga class.
  4. Spend entire length of class trying to calm my mind.

I tried a new approach for a simple morning.   I left the house early and detoured a few blocks from the studio, along the St. Johns River.  Ahhh.  A picturesque walk.  I can feel the stress melting away.  Maybe that isn’t the stress melting, maybe it is getting hot outside – with a quickness.  Time to head over to the studio.

river road

The studio is set back from the street, just past this enchanting wooded habitat.  Instead of racing into class,  I mindfully walked this peaceful pathway – watching the squirrels play in their stomping grounds, taking it all in with purposeful breathing.

walk way

This, sublime atmosphere, is a place to let go of worries and to-do lists and JUST BE!  You can observe for yourself.  It is effortless to see that Bliss Yoga and Wellness can become your hOMe – away from hOMe.


Honor yourself.  If you are in the area of  Bliss Yoga and Wellness – do yourself a favor and partake in a class in this tree house for all ages.  Find your ‘bliss‘!  I know this day will now be accompanied with a whole new perspective.



Did you take time for yourself today?   What will you do – FOR YOU?

  Self-care is NOT selfish.  It is necessary.  We all need time for ourselves.

badass yoga

195 Saturdays until Paris

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83 thoughts on “Self-Care is Not Selfish

  1. Hi there

    I would like to thank you for this article, great content and it definitely speaks to all of us that need a little “me time”

    I thoroughly enjoyed this:

    “We instantly dash to a friend in need of our help. We quickly scramble, if a family member needs our assistance. Our children and our pets – ALWAYS come before our own needs. Feelings of guilt can set in IF or when we put ourselves first. Self-care is necessary – not a luxury. We can and will run out of steam.”

    I would love to connect with you soon – visit

    Kind regards


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