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Kicking Fear in the Butt



An outline for my children’s book, which has been swirling around in my head, has finally made onto paper.  Countless edits will transpire over the coming months.  Umpteen crumpled pieces of paper, will find their way into the recycle bin.  Various scribbled thoughts will be shredded – as if they hadn’t once existed.

**** NOTE TO SELF ****

The piles of shredded paper will come in handy, to be used as packing material for shipping birthday and Christmas gifts.

good idea

I am no Erin Brockovich, however – I try to do my small part for the environment.

The honest reason this book has taken so many years – is fearFear had created a concrete wall, which was blocking the production of it ever happening.  Fear of what?

Fear of failure?

Fear of rejection?

How could one be so terrified of failure – before starting?

How could one feel so rejected – prior to writing?

wake up

The failure and rejection didn’t need to be in my thoughts.  Who invited their friends’ – anxiety and self-sabotage?  These 4 paralyzing afflictions, roll in and out like seasons – each finding their own time to move in, set up, and get comfy.

Acknowledge them.   “Hello, little darlings.”  “Nice of you to stop in and visit.”  “I subconsciously invited you, but you are no longer welcome.”


change fear


I packed up the four unwelcome boarders, along with their two young children – procrastination and worry.  I carefully wrapped up each of them, included a pretty little bow, and sent them all on their way.

After doing this, I thought it would only be appropriate to channel my inner child.  Go-cart track – here we come!  Upon arrival, there it was – staring me right in the face.  The type of ride I always avoid.  I tried not to look at it.  I could feel it taunting me.  Apparently, the box of irksome cargo had joined us on our two-hour road trip.  I considered walking past the ride.  NOPE, not today!

 Today, I will be FEARLESS!!




As you can see (and hear) from the above video snippet, any part of fear that was still with me – should now be floating out into the universe.  Thankfully, my lunch managed to stay with me.  If fear approaches you, do not befriend it.  Acknowledge it and send it on its way.



194 Saturdays until Paris!

103 thoughts on “Kicking Fear in the Butt

  1. #fdflinkparty I love the fact that you are encouraging the reader to send fear moving on because the longer it lingers, the longer you doubt yourself. Fear will come and go, but it comes back to how you deal with it when it comes.


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