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And the Nominees Are….

Last week, I was excited to be nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Educating Una.   The incredibly sweet Una is a music teacher/musician.  She has many relatable posts, along with some great pictures of her favorite chill spot in Ireland.  If you haven’t checked out her blog – please do.  Thanks again – Una!

The Versatile Blogger Award is for newer or smaller blogs.  It was created to encourage engagement with fellow bloggers – to lift each other up and support each others’ hard work.   Please join me in supporting my fabulous nominees!!


versat blogger award


Cassie Wears What:  This is such a fun blog!  Cassie shares adorable – quirky outfits and beauty tips.  She has a love for France. What more can I say?  Of course there was an immediate connection!

Leslie’s Bookcase:  I love reading and I love books – which made for an easy love affair of this blog.  Her husband built a great bookcase to showcase her collection. She shares reviews on many of the books that are nestled in their special home.  I need a bookcase like Leslie’s!

Puppy Tales Studio:  If you are a dog lover – this blog is a must follow!  You will find tons of helpful information at your fingertips.  There are also some very cute pictures of Valerie’s fur babies!

But Why?:  Natalie is a writer.  Her mission is for us to try new things and break stereotypes. She has a passion for helping new bloggers – with tips to keep their head above water.  Check out the link on her blog for the WordPress Community Pool.

Busy Bee:  A corporate escapee who loves to write and has a stationary addiction.  I absolutely had to follow this blog.  Buzz on over to her blog and partake in some fun banter with The Bee.

Snorkels to Snow:  John and Juliette, packed up their lives in New Zealand – for an adventure in Fiji.  View the underwater world through their lens, and feel as if you’re in Fiji, too. Follow their blog to see where life’s next adventure will take them.

dance party

There is something for everyone in the blogs I have nominated.  Pop on over, say hi and support each others’ blogs.

The other requirement in accepting this award, is to share 7 things about myself  * Sigh *

7 fun facts – everyone was waiting with bated breath, on the edge of their seats to know about me – Note: There will be a quiz next week!

  1. I love reading.  Sarah’s Key,  Orphan Train and Wild are my favorite books – thus far in life.
  2. I love trying new – non chain – restaurants.
  3. I am obsessed with carpool karaoke on The Late Late Show with James Corden.  Fair warning – anyone who walks into our house has to watch at least one episode. I love all of them, but the Jennifer Lopez and Sia episodes are my favorite.
  4. I love dogs.  All dogs. Of course, my two rescue dogs are the best !!!  I do like cats, too – but I am allergic to them. It’s horrible!
  5. Bruno Mars is my idol.  I don’t even try to keep this a secret.  I recently watched him in a few interviews, which made me love him even more.  He is a great performer AND a comedian!
  6. I love the TV show Gilmore Girls.   If  Stars Hollow was an ACTUAL location, I know I would be sitting in Luke’s Diner drinking coffee right now!
  7. I love yoga and everything it offers to my mind, body and spirit!


If there are any blogs you think I should be following – including your own – feel free to put the link in the comments!

 193 Saturdays until Paris


Disclaimer: Some of the links included in this post are affiliate links. By purchasing products using these links you can support 200 Saturdays until Paris at NO cost to you.   Thank you!

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