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My Predicament

I shared a post last week, from the blog  A.M. Bradley.  The post has fantastic tips to help grow your blog.  If you haven’t read it – check it out here.

The first tip really whipped me into a panic.  It says to post 1-2 times a day.

  A day?  What?

Whether or not you agree with that statement – here is my dilemma.

I have always steered clear from leaping into the 21st century.  I am always behind the times with the latest gadgets.  Pen and paper are my preferred method of writing.  I loved stationary when I was younger – still do.  I had quite the addiction as a child.  I love getting cards or handwritten letters – in fancy penmanship.  Most of them I have saved and I can’t accidentally delete them into the unknown.

Exhibit #1 – 4th grade birthday card from the class.


A television show in the 70’s – Big Blue Marble – was a favorite of mine.  The show would assign random pen pals, if you sent in a request.  So many friends from around the globe.  So many stamps purchased.  (Shout out to  Joy –  from the Philippines and Naomi – from California)

I miss those simple days.  I avoided social media for so long.


It made absolutely no sense to me, when my husband wanted a 60″ flat-screen, smart TV.  Don’t be silly.  Our 25″ box TV works just fine.

I have needed a newer vehicle for quite some time.  When my husband brings up the topic –  My question is always the same, “Where will I listen to my Joan Jett cassette tapes?”


My sister, who lives over a 1,000 miles away, suggested I get an iPhone.  “It will be so much fun!” – she squealed.  The first thing out of my mouth was “Who are we now – The Jetsons??

I enjoy reading many blogs, but I know I can’t post 1-2 posts a day.  Not with my methods.  I admire the creative content, so many bloggers post daily.  I am thrilled to post 1-2 posts a month.  I shared two posts by fellow bloggers this month – this is the first post I actually sat down to write.  I like to do my first draft on paper.  Sometimes I choose chalk.


Although, I usually get distracted by drawing a flower, a rainbow or hopscotch court.

My intention for today  was to get a jump start on my second post for the month.  Mother Nature has other plans.  The clouds are rolling in and the sky has turned dark.  Production has been hindered – yet again.

 Back to the computer I go.



Maybe, I should send out my posts via smoke signals.  It seems to be the logical choice.


Note: If you are wondering –  my husband and I no longer smoke cigarettes.

If anyone is looking for me,  I will be watching my collection of I Love Lucy – on my VCR.  Thanks for reading!

 183 Saturdays until Paris


Do you miss the simple days of yesteryear?  


Should I send my next post – via carrier pigeon – to the line you are standing in, while waiting for the latest and greatest device?  Let me know in the comments!

117 thoughts on “My Predicament

  1. Wow! Writing 1-2 times a day is too much where I am concerned. It takes me some time to formulate the ideas and then weave them into sentences, so this advise would not work for snail like me:-) And, I do miss the yesterday years i.e. life before smart phones when I had phone numbers memorized. In this age, the gadgets are built smart but that has made us lazy and less intelligent!

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  2. Wow! That’s a lot of writing. All the social media that goes along with blogging is a lot of work! Much more than I ever thought.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve just come across your blog. I like your sense of humour. Yes, blogging takes time, but it is very addictive. I tend to post at least once a day. I try to write something the day before, then schedule it to post later. Your followers will get used to looking for your posts if you post regularly, but once a week is fine too!

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  4. I think that most posting is alot, but if you are a person that knows technology you can schedule the posting to come out that much time in a day..
    But if you write for fun and not for bloggers I think that would be a task for anyone. Blogging is on the fun side for me and I think that much posting would have me pulling out my hair for ideas and writing styles.
    I loved your story and hope that you continue to do what is comfortable for you..

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