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Love: Volumes A – Z

This isn’t a typical love story.  It isn’t a sweet romance with two people gazing into each other’s eyes.


The happy ending has yet to happen.  A fascination?  Yes.  My first love.  Oui! 

Le Début  

This is a journey that began with a 4th grade assignment.  We were assigned to do a report – in penmanship – on a country chosen by our teacher.  My assignment was France. 

The next week would consist of walking to the library after school each day.  I would have to research encyclopedias, take notes and find some books to check-out from the library.

On Saturday, everything changed – my world expanded with the help of a stranger.  A door-to-door Encyclopedia Salesman entered our home.  He talked with my parents for hours in the kitchen.  I sat entranced, as his sales pitch moved smoothly across the table.  I knew it was impossible for our family to own these beautifully bound books with gold lettering.

And then? 

The moment I stood up to go outside and play Charlie’s Angels until the street lights came on – it happened.


The Bic pen was drawn from the salesman’s inside suit pocket and the contract was signed.

Two shelves were immediately cleared in the living room of my childhood home – now the special place the encyclopedias would occupy.

My sister and I sat on the orange shag carpet – staring doe eyed at them.


It felt as if we had won the lottery.  The Google of my generation – in our home – at my fingertips.

I would not be watching the Partridge Family for the next two weeks.   


No Brady Bunch or ABC Afterschool Special for this girl.  I devoured everything that was related to France inside those fancy books.  I traveled to a place – I now knew I had to visit in person. 

This affinity began from an assignment over three decades ago.  I have now been wooed. 

La continuation……

177 Saturdays until Paris

Do you have a love affair for traveling to any state or country? 

Let me know in the comments! 

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