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Why a Single View Matters

This blogger doesn’t need my help sharing his posts. He works hard at blogging. This post (and many other posts spoke to me) so I am sharing it. If you haven’t checked it out, take a look. There is a meet and greet on his blog, too.

HarsH ReaLiTy

I value it all. I value views, interaction, engagement, likes, and shares on any platform. I work hard at my blog daily. Far harder than most bloggers do and I take it seriously because of that. I understand some bloggers are here for the “fun” of it. Fun left my blog a long time ago. What replaced “fun” was hard work, perseverance, theory, and future goals. I understand that we all have different ways of blogging… but it still amuses me that with all the differences people proclaim to have about their views on blogging we still share many similar goals and wants. The way we reach those goals is uniquely connected to our personal drive.

It is OK to value the single view. It is OK to value ALL the views actually. There are some bloggers that will claim this “takes away from the purity of blogging.” Those people make an…

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10 thoughts on “Why a Single View Matters

  1. hahah! this post is so spot on & hopefully an eye opener for peeps.
    I saw this reblogged by one of my fav bloggers 200 Saturdays Until Paris. She gave you high praise so I had to read it.
    This post is awesome & came at a perfect time too since I just reached 100k pageviews per month on my blogspot site. It’s been my goal since I started blogging this April. The journey has been amazing & enlightening so this post is a brilliant reminder to remain humble & thank everyone who’s helped me get there.
    From the beginning & from what I could see, the truly great bloggers all give back. Even the really famous & busy ones. ThePositiveMom for instance, I commented & shared a few of her posts coz I really enjoy her content. She took the time to do the same for me & we’ve been friends ever since. She’s just been nominated for #Latism16 Lifestyle blogger for the second year in a row.

    Thank you for this insightful read, I totally agree with your view point.

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