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Why a Single View Matters

This blogger doesn’t need my help sharing his posts. He works hard at blogging. This post (and many other posts spoke to me) so I am sharing it. If you haven’t checked it out, take a look. There is a meet and greet on his blog, too.

10 thoughts on “Why a Single View Matters

  1. hahah! this post is so spot on & hopefully an eye opener for peeps.
    I saw this reblogged by one of my fav bloggers 200 Saturdays Until Paris. She gave you high praise so I had to read it.
    This post is awesome & came at a perfect time too since I just reached 100k pageviews per month on my blogspot site. It’s been my goal since I started blogging this April. The journey has been amazing & enlightening so this post is a brilliant reminder to remain humble & thank everyone who’s helped me get there.
    From the beginning & from what I could see, the truly great bloggers all give back. Even the really famous & busy ones. ThePositiveMom for instance, I commented & shared a few of her posts coz I really enjoy her content. She took the time to do the same for me & we’ve been friends ever since. She’s just been nominated for #Latism16 Lifestyle blogger for the second year in a row.

    Thank you for this insightful read, I totally agree with your view point.

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