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Love: Volumes A – Z

This isn’t a typical love story.  It isn’t a sweet romance with two people gazing into each other’s eyes.


The happy ending has yet to happen.  A fascination?  Yes.  My first love.  Oui! 

Le Début  

This is a journey that began with a 4th grade assignment.  We were assigned to do a report – in penmanship – on a country chosen by our teacher.  My assignment was France. 

The next week would consist of walking to the library after school each day.  I would have to research encyclopedias, take notes and find some books to check-out from the library.

On Saturday, everything changed – my world expanded with the help of a stranger.  A door-to-door Encyclopedia Salesman entered our home.  He talked with my parents for hours in the kitchen.  I sat entranced, as his sales pitch moved smoothly across the table.  I knew it was impossible for our family to own these beautifully bound books with gold lettering.

And then? 

The moment I stood up to go outside and play Charlie’s Angels until the street lights came on – it happened.


The Bic pen was drawn from the salesman’s inside suit pocket and the contract was signed.

Two shelves were immediately cleared in the living room of my childhood home – now the special place the encyclopedias would occupy.

My sister and I sat on the orange shag carpet – staring doe eyed at them.


It felt as if we had won the lottery.  The Google of my generation – in our home – at my fingertips.

I would not be watching the Partridge Family for the next two weeks.   


No Brady Bunch or ABC Afterschool Special for this girl.  I devoured everything that was related to France inside those fancy books.  I traveled to a place – I now knew I had to visit in person. 

This affinity began from an assignment over three decades ago.  I have now been wooed. 

La continuation……

177 Saturdays until Paris

Do you have a love affair for traveling to any state or country? 

Let me know in the comments! 

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An Attitude of Gratitude

A few small words of kindness can have such a gigantic impact on your day.  People come into your life and sometimes they don’t know how much they mean to you.  I am lucky to have a dear friend – Anna.




Anna helps to operate The Granary Whole Foods in Orange Park, Florida.  The store has been successfully owned by her family for 37 years.  This unique grocery store specializes in nutritional supplements, organic fruits and vegetables, organic herbs, natural pet foods, non-gmo foods, environmentally friendly household items, books and natural skin care.  More importantly – is how the business operates.  As you walk through the door of the little yellow house built-in circa 1887 –  you will step back in time.  The energy and passion of the knowledgeable, friendly staff are key to The Granary’s success.  If you are ever in the Orange Park area, you must check out this gem.

Anna, along with some of the blogs I follow, helped to inspire this post.  This is the first edition of Monthly Mingle.  In each Monthly Mingle, I will share a list of blogs that I think Anna and YOU will enjoy reading.  Each of their posts brings an assortment of colorful distinctiveness.  I am grateful for the creativity of each and every blog I follow.




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I hope you will be able to visit some of the blogs I have listed.  I think there is something for everyone to enjoy.  Feel free to share your blog in the comments.  I would be delighted to check them out.  Stay tuned for next month’s edition of #MonthlyMingle.


178 Saturdays until Paris