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She Speaks

A quick shout out and a heartwarming thank you to my blogger buddies for checking in on me.  mz_4779881_bodyshot_300x400-1

I am looking forward to reading and catching up on everyone’s blog posts!!  I have been away for a bit.  I need to get back into the swing of things.


pearl door


So what did I miss??






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Love: Volumes A – Z

This isn’t a typical love story.  It isn’t a sweet romance with two people gazing into each other’s eyes.


The happy ending has yet to happen.  A fascination?  Yes.  My first love.  Oui! 

Le Début  

This is a journey that began with a 4th grade assignment.  We were assigned to do a report – in penmanship – on a country chosen by our teacher.  My assignment was France. 

The next week would consist of walking to the library after school each day.  I would have to research encyclopedias, take notes and find some books to check-out from the library.

On Saturday, everything changed – my world expanded with the help of a stranger.  A door-to-door Encyclopedia Salesman entered our home.  He talked with my parents for hours in the kitchen.  I sat entranced, as his sales pitch moved smoothly across the table.  I knew it was impossible for our family to own these beautifully bound books with gold lettering.

And then? 

The moment I stood up to go outside and play Charlie’s Angels until the street lights came on – it happened.


The Bic pen was drawn from the salesman’s inside suit pocket and the contract was signed.

Two shelves were immediately cleared in the living room of my childhood home – now the special place the encyclopedias would occupy.

My sister and I sat on the orange shag carpet – staring doe eyed at them.


It felt as if we had won the lottery.  The Google of my generation – in our home – at my fingertips.

I would not be watching the Partridge Family for the next two weeks.   


No Brady Bunch or ABC Afterschool Special for this girl.  I devoured everything that was related to France inside those fancy books.  I traveled to a place – I now knew I had to visit in person. 

This affinity began from an assignment over three decades ago.  I have now been wooed. 

La continuation……

177 Saturdays until Paris

Do you have a love affair for traveling to any state or country? 

Let me know in the comments! 

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An Attitude of Gratitude

A few small words of kindness can have such a gigantic impact on your day.  People come into your life and sometimes they don’t know how much they mean to you.  I am lucky to have a dear friend – Anna.




Anna helps to operate The Granary Whole Foods in Orange Park, Florida.  The store has been successfully owned by her family for 37 years.  This unique grocery store specializes in nutritional supplements, organic fruits and vegetables, organic herbs, natural pet foods, non-gmo foods, environmentally friendly household items, books and natural skin care.  More importantly – is how the business operates.  As you walk through the door of the little yellow house built-in circa 1887 –  you will step back in time.  The energy and passion of the knowledgeable, friendly staff are key to The Granary’s success.  If you are ever in the Orange Park area, you must check out this gem.

Anna, along with some of the blogs I follow, helped to inspire this post.  This is the first edition of Monthly Mingle.  In each Monthly Mingle, I will share a list of blogs that I think Anna and YOU will enjoy reading.  Each of their posts brings an assortment of colorful distinctiveness.  I am grateful for the creativity of each and every blog I follow.




Makes Me Wander

Geek the Cat

I Know I Made You Smile

Lins Food

Lisa Sell – Reader, I Wrote It

But Why?

Aurum Reviews

Muddling Through My Middle Ages

Sleeping on the Diagonal

Second Half Woman

Image Earth Travel

Harvest and Honey

Get Connect Dad

I hope you will be able to visit some of the blogs I have listed.  I think there is something for everyone to enjoy.  Feel free to share your blog in the comments.  I would be delighted to check them out.  Stay tuned for next month’s edition of #MonthlyMingle.


178 Saturdays until Paris

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My Predicament

I shared a post last week, from the blog  A.M. Bradley.  The post has fantastic tips to help grow your blog.  If you haven’t read it – check it out here.

The first tip really whipped me into a panic.  It says to post 1-2 times a day.

  A day?  What?

Whether or not you agree with that statement – here is my dilemma.

I have always steered clear from leaping into the 21st century.  I am always behind the times with the latest gadgets.  Pen and paper are my preferred method of writing.  I loved stationary when I was younger – still do.  I had quite the addiction as a child.  I love getting cards or handwritten letters – in fancy penmanship.  Most of them I have saved and I can’t accidentally delete them into the unknown.

Exhibit #1 – 4th grade birthday card from the class.


A television show in the 70’s – Big Blue Marble – was a favorite of mine.  The show would assign random pen pals, if you sent in a request.  So many friends from around the globe.  So many stamps purchased.  (Shout out to  Joy –  from the Philippines and Naomi – from California)

I miss those simple days.  I avoided social media for so long.


It made absolutely no sense to me, when my husband wanted a 60″ flat-screen, smart TV.  Don’t be silly.  Our 25″ box TV works just fine.

I have needed a newer vehicle for quite some time.  When my husband brings up the topic –  My question is always the same, “Where will I listen to my Joan Jett cassette tapes?”


My sister, who lives over a 1,000 miles away, suggested I get an iPhone.  “It will be so much fun!” – she squealed.  The first thing out of my mouth was “Who are we now – The Jetsons??

I enjoy reading many blogs, but I know I can’t post 1-2 posts a day.  Not with my methods.  I admire the creative content, so many bloggers post daily.  I am thrilled to post 1-2 posts a month.  I shared two posts by fellow bloggers this month – this is the first post I actually sat down to write.  I like to do my first draft on paper.  Sometimes I choose chalk.


Although, I usually get distracted by drawing a flower, a rainbow or hopscotch court.

My intention for today  was to get a jump start on my second post for the month.  Mother Nature has other plans.  The clouds are rolling in and the sky has turned dark.  Production has been hindered – yet again.

 Back to the computer I go.



Maybe, I should send out my posts via smoke signals.  It seems to be the logical choice.


Note: If you are wondering –  my husband and I no longer smoke cigarettes.

If anyone is looking for me,  I will be watching my collection of I Love Lucy – on my VCR.  Thanks for reading!

 183 Saturdays until Paris


Do you miss the simple days of yesteryear?  


Should I send my next post – via carrier pigeon – to the line you are standing in, while waiting for the latest and greatest device?  Let me know in the comments!

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My Paris Dream – Book Review and Giveaway

My countdown to Paris feels as though it’s moving at a snail’s pace.  I seriously needed my spirits to soar.  Fortunately, my father-in-law surprised me with a copy of  – My Paris Dream: An Education in Style, Slang, and Seduction in the Great City on the Seine.

I made myself a lovely cup of tea and landed on the couch with my favorite blanket.  My husband likes to keep the house at minus arctic degrees, so a blanket is always needed in our house.


This book was just the ticket I needed.  If I can’t be in Paris in 2016, then I will jet off to Paris circa 1980’s  –  via Kate Betts.


If you have a love affair with Paris or fashion – this is a must read.  You will experience the highs and lows of Kate’s turbulent dream of self-discovery, in the city she loves dearly.  You will feel the passion in her pursuit to make it into the fashion industry.

We all have our dreams – even if Paris isn’t your dream, you will find this memoir an entertaining read.  My Paris Dream is a journey on following your heart.

I have one hardcover copy of My Paris Dream from Ms. Betts for this giveaway.  One $25.00 Amazon Gift Card will also be included for the lucky winner from moi.

UPDATE – The winner is Carol P.  Congratulations!  I have sent you an email.  Thanks to everyone!

Good Luck – Bonne chance!

Visit Kate Betts on Twitter @KateBetts

188 Saturdays until Paris

Disclaimer: Some of the links included in this post are affiliate links. By purchasing products using these links you can support 200 Saturdays until Paris at NO cost to you.   Thank you!


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Oil – which one to choose healthwise?

Credit goes to Simple Ula for this great post.  Take a look! 👍🏻

simple Ula

Oil is something we add most often to our food. It’s also something you can probably find in every kitchen you go to. So how important it is to have the one that is healthy for your body? It’s major.


So let me tell you briefly about the ones that are healthy for our bodies and skip the ones that are not.

View original post 461 more words

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Travel Tuesday

The past few weeks have really led to many highs and lows.  As summer comes to an end – although it doesn’t feel like summer is ending any time soon with this heat – many things have been going on around here.

florida hot

Family and friends have been visiting and staying with us – before starting the exciting new school year.

middle school

Several home repairs are going on – which will be great, but can add to unpredictability and extra stress.  I have a few posts I am trying to work on – including a giveaway.

what blogging is...


I was interviewed by Enricoh from  Alfonzo Words for the Tuesday Travel Tag.  If you have already read this interview on his website or commented on it — Merci Beaucoup!   Don’t jet off too quickly – scroll down to the comments and share a travel memory with us.  Thanks for visiting and for all of your support!

Travel Tag: 200 Saturdays Until Paris 

This interview was originally posted on the tremendously uplifting blog – Alfonzo Words on August 2.  Enricoh is such a sweet soul.  He made the interview process so much fun.

 Inspire. Create. Write.TM


One of my favorite days of the week has arrived, iiiiiiitS  #TravelTuesday
Travel is a Billion Dollar industry almost teasing at Trillion Dollar status, Why?
Because EVERYONE loves to travel!

Upon my interactions on Facebook, I came across a most interesting blog name, 200 Saturdays until Paris.  Even though the name is pretty self-explanatory, I was still drawn by the name and the mission of the blog.

Every once in a while you come across someone whose spirit is iridescent.

Meet Christine


Christine’s dream, for as long as she can remember, is to visit the City of Light and experience the majestic wonder it has to offer.  The first step in her journey is 200 Saturdays until Paris.  A personal blog, where she shares her passion for yoga practices, inspirational posts, and the daily shenanigans’ life sends her way – while researching for her dream vacation.

1. Tell us about a recent holiday

  • The most recent vacation was in Las Vegas.  You know the saying – whatever happens in Vegas – stays in Vegas.  All I can divulge is – you can’t have a bad time in Vegas!

2. Best destination to travel to

  • I love everywhere I go and haven’t been to every destination on my list – so this answer is always evolving.  My answer for now is Bar Harbor, Maine.  I like hiking and exploring.  Acadia National Park was very memorable.  One of the friendliest cities – in my opinion.

3. Worst Travel experience? 

  • Flight canceled and returned home a day late.  My luggage decided to stay on vacation 2 additional days. I only take carry-on luggage now.

4. How traveling has changed your life? 

  • I love learning about new cultures – first hand.  I love that it doesn’t matter what country I am in – we are different, yet the same. Human.

5. Where are you from? 

  • Chicago, but I live in Florida now.

6. Where have you been around the world? 

  • I haven’t been to as many places as some people.  I really haven’t been around the world.  I recently starting blogging and following travel blogs – there are so many places now added to the must see list.  The places outside of the US that I have been to include, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Mexico and the Virgin Islands.


7. What is your favorite City? 

  • St. Augustine, FL – The location is convenient.  There are so many things to do and see in the oldest city in the United States.  I will have a post about St. Augustine, on my blog – soon.

8. What are your dream destinations? 

  • Since I have a blog dedicated to Paris – I would have to say France!
  • Also Hawaii, Amsterdam and Canada.
9. Best item have you purchased overseas? 
  • I haven’t purchased any big ticket item for myself, on any trip.  I tend to be cheap when it comes to myself.  That will change – when I go shopping in Paris!

10. What time of the year do you like to travel? 

  • Anytime it isn’t too hot – I experience that enough where I live now.

11. How many times a year do you travel? 

  • As many as possible, although the last few years we were caring for our 3 elderly Chihuahua’s and couldn’t do much traveling.  They are no longer with us.  Our new puppies love to vacation at the doggie spa while we are away!

12. Show us your favorite travel picture?


13. What are some new and exciting cuisines that you tried on your travels? 

  • I don’t know if this is very exciting.  One of my favorite memories on a trip to Jamaica, was having a resident cook a meal for us – in their home.  The aroma in the house and the hospitality made it such a great experience.  Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Red Stripe beer!  Oh and Blue Mountain coffee is THE best coffee!

14. Have you ever lost something while traveling? 

  • Besides my dignity??  No – I usually triple check that I have everything.

15. What are your favorite travel activities? 

  • Para-sailing and climbing to the top of lighthouses.  I really love architecture – looking for interesting buildings is one of my favorite things to do.

16. What are your must-have travel accessories?

  • A good book.

17. What is your favorite accent in the world?

  • Francais- of course.

18. If you could live anywhere where would you live?

  • Tough question.  I could probably live anywhere, but, I haven’t been everywhere – so I am unable to choose the dream location.  I suspect I will want to live in France, once I visit the City of Light.  Home is where you hang your hat!

19. Why do you enjoy traveling? 

  • I love seeing new places and meeting new people.  I have a weird fascination of people watching at the airport.  I arrive hours before my flight, just to be able to people watch while I wait.

20. Do you have a travel buddy? 

  • I usually travel with my husband, but a getaway with the girls is always a good time.

21. What are some of the interesting places you’ve visited and the different cultures? 

  • Besides many places in the US – I have mostly been to the Caribbean.  I feel any place you visit is interesting.  There is always something to learn.

22. Have you ever had any bad travel experiences? 

  • Not really, besides my luggage abandoning me.  All experiences are just that – experiences.  You can learn from any of them.

23. Advice for those who want to travel but think they can’t? 

  • Give me a call – I will gladly go with you and show you that you can travel!
Quick Fire
Road Trip around your country or Plane ride to an exotic location
Hotel or Hostel
Summer or Winter 
My favorite season is Autumn – when the leaves are changing colors.
Window or Aisle seat
Book or Movie on the Plane
190 Saturdays until Paris
Remember to check out Alfonso Words – if you haven’t already.
He can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.
What is your favorite travel memory?