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What is Your Favorite Novel?

The countdown to the City of Light continues – What to do?  What to do?

On a balmy Saturday afternoon, with the temperature soaring near 100 degrees – our air conditioner stopped working for us. Hooray!  I don’t even want to think about the heat index.  Maybe, we should be saving up for a swimming pool  – instead of a vacation??  This tortuous lockdown, as I wait for the repair company, seems like a perfect time to decide on which Netflix show to watch.  There were so many great suggestions in response to my last post.  Thank you for all of your participation!  Go Team!!  The landslide winner of my next binge is – *cue drum roll* – Orange Is the New Black.

Season 4 has started??  I am definitely late to this cell block party.  I am happy to announce episode 1 has a hold on me.  It is thrilling that OITNB has reportedly been renewed through season 7. This news, comes without a list of grievances, from its newest binger.  Netflix certainly has become an active participant in my countdown.  I can not sit around and watch Netflix every spare minute.  Or can I????? Hmmmmmmm.

Non, je ne permettrai pas que.

 If I set a goal –  to read one novel each week –  this method could help to free my mind of its impatience.  An insightful discovery has been made!

I know –  I hear what you are thinking!  We just recently met, and I am about to ask for your help – AGAIN!?!?  When did I become so needy?  Your responses were so neighborly in my Netflix quest – I am eager to learn your favorite novel.  In conclusion, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I do not have enough book recommendations for this theory.  Please advise!

What is your favorite novel?

197 Saturdays until Paris

happy book

73 thoughts on “What is Your Favorite Novel?

  1. I hope you air conditioner gets fixed soon. 🙂 Well, my favourite novel is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. But that apart I like reading any kind of books. I have read translations of International authors who have written famous books in other languages and coming from India, I also love reading Indian authors. Most of the Indian authors today have written coming of age novels which actually gives you food for thought.

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