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Secrets to Shine Through the Noise – Book Review

Secrets to Shine Through the Noise is Akasha Garnier’s journey from “starving artist” filmmaker to brand expert – with lessons from her first mentor and promo partners along the way.  These lessons helped amplify her personal and professional brand value.  Akasha was invited to write this motivational book based on her branding expertise, love of travel and ability to inspire with the right blend of business and creative skills.

Akasha also enjoys giving back and is proud to partner with Teen Cancer America.  Teen Cancer America is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of teenagers and young adults with cancer.  Akasha will donate 10% of the proceeds from Secrets to Shine Through the Noise to Teen Cancer America. 


Shine Through the Noise



WOW! I love the enthralling title and cover!
To judge a book by its cover, goes against everything I have been taught in my life.  Secrets to Shine Through the Noise is an exception to that rule.  This book spoke to me from the second I saw the cover reveal on Alfonzo Words.  Even through all of the noise, I could hear its sweet whisper.  From the title of the book, to the eye-catching cover, I was drawn in to find out more.
How will Secrets to Shine Through the Noise provide enrichment in your life? 

In this book, you will gather the tools needed to work out the glitches that have you stalled on your life’s journey.  You will believe in yourself and create your new soundtrack.  Akasha provides the inspirational foundation needed to create a plan of action – with your own playbook.

I devoured the book, although that is not the intention of this book.  I began doing some of the writing prompt exercises, but I will return to them and put forth the effort that is needed.  I appreciate that I can reflect on my writings, while coloring in a meditative state – with the carefully chosen pictures the book provides.  What an unexpected treat!

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone – Secrets to Shine Through the Noise – will give you the elevation you need to sail forward with your own personal and professional growth.

Make and use a strategic GPS to amplify your life.
I have been provided with an ARC of Secrets to Shine Through the Noise.
This review of the book is genuine.

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